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“World Expo is hosted every five years from a different country, the aim being to promote industrial and technological progress worldwide. It attracted 14,270 visitors as at 16 May where the treasures of Sri Lanka have been experienced leading to new partnership between Sri Lanka and the world,” said Tourism Promotions Bureau Chairman Rohantha Athukorala.

The Sri Lanka pavilion is unique with 66the top seven institutions of Sri Lanka under one roof that includes EDB, BOI, Tea Board, Sri Lankan, Craft Council, National Gem and Jewellery and Sri Lanka Tourism branded One Island: Thousand Treasures. 
“The first month dedicated to tourism led to the Minister of Tourism and Sports visiting the Expo 2015 exposition that resulted in a 1.3 million business secured for Sri Lanka by way of 8,000 visitors charter established with a lifestyle vacation destination company that gave Sri Lanka a head start with the total cost covered and the positive cash flow of Rs. 96 million coming into the country in the first year of operation. We are working on an ROI based investment strategy,” said Athukorala. Each of the institution’s chairmen and ministers will attend Expo 2015 in the next five months. 


‘Ceylon Tea’: The world finest ethically produced tea
Ceylon Tea has been prized for its unique flavour, colour, strength and character, which cannot be readily found elsewhere. The humidity, cool temperatures, sunshine and rainfall (two monsoons) in the country’s central and southern highlands are conducive to the manufacture of unique quality teas. Tea plantations are scenic and pristine. Tea is grown, handpicked and processed in an artisanal process, unchanged for over a century.

Sri Lanka is one of the quality orthodox tea producers and suppliers to the EU region by complying with the quality parameters, food safety requirements and MRL stipulated by EU. The Sri Lanka Tea Board along with the Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka facilitates all manufacturers of tea in Sri Lanka to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure an end product of high quality made tea to the consumers. 

Ceylon Tea is reputed as the ‘cleanest tea in the world’ in respect of pesticide residues due to these stringent controls. When you reach for a cup of Ceylon Tea, you’re not just refreshing yourself; you’re also helping refresh and renew an environmental resource critically important to all life on earth.


The sapphire capital of the world
The legacy continues, as Sri Lanka still holds the crown for producing world class gemstones. Welcome to the ‘Rathna Dveepaya’ or the ‘Gemmed Island’; and be mesmerised by the beauties unearthed every day.

Sri Lanka is blessed with over 70 varieties of coloured stones out of 200 found in the world and is among the five most important gem-bearing nations of the world. Notably, Sri Lanka’s major strength is the ‘Ceylon Sapphire’. The country’s breath-taking natural heritage comprises of varieties of gem minerals, which includes: blue, pink, yellow and golden sapphires, star sapphires, rubies, star rubies, Alexandrites, cat’s eyes, spinels, aquamarines, topaz, zircons, garnets, moonstones, quartz and many more.


The ethical sourcing destination for apparel in the world

The ethos of Sri Lanka Apparel epitomises the synergy between ethical brands and apparel made in Sri Lanka. ‘Children have no business in our business’ is just one of the principles governing this industry ethos. Our ethical sourcing and sustainable development practices aim to empower women and support their communities through poverty alleviation and offering opportunities for education and personal growth. With the development of sustainable eco-friendly solutions to apparel manufacturing, we have endeavoured to make the ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ label synonymous with quality, reliability and social and environmental accountability.
A supermodel shows off Victoria’s Secret’s latest line backed by design excellence; an Olympic swimmer cuts through the water, his evolved Speedo swimwear taking him closer to gold and glory; a six month-old baby grins as she tugs on her, comfy Baby Gap t-shirt with a look that screams ‘Picture, please!’. Sri Lanka clothes the world, redefines industry frontiers, and connects global super brands such as Victoria’s Secret, GAP, Liz Claiborne, Next, Jones New York, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Pink, Triumph, Ann Taylor, Speedo, Abercrombie & Fitch, Land’s End, Marks & Spencer, and Intimmissimi.


The finest Ceylon Cinnamon in the world 
Cinnamon is the most important spice commodity among the spice sector. People in ancient Sri Lanka used cinnamon for many purposes such as, medicine, spice, perfumery material and soft drink. At present the cinnamon is widely used in bakery products, pharmaceutical preparations and cosmetics worldwide. Cinnamon exports in primary form as well as in the value added form such as cut pieces, powder form and crushed form. Cinnamon is considered as a unique product exporting from Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka is the world largest producer and exporter of Cinnamon to the world. Cinnamon has originated in Sri Lanka and it has unique characteristics, which can be branded under GI protection. Accordingly Ceylon Cinnamon introduced to the international market as a branded product namely ‘Pure Ceylon Cinnamon’ which reflects a combination of several intrinsic characteristics of Cinamomum Zylanicum.


Tourism: 8 wonderful experiences in 8 wonderful days 
Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean offers palm fringed beaches, cool climate, misty mountains, an array of waterfalls, beautiful tea gardens, historic temples and cities, sight of mighty elephants, stealthy leopards and giant blur whales. Also experience the Sri Lankan hospitality, the pristine, heritage, thrills, wild, bliss, scenic, essence and festive wonders.