Iconic Sites


Sigiriya also known as ‘Sihigiriya’ is the ‘Mount of Rememberance’, a world heritage site and considered by several as the eighth wonder of the world.  It consists of an ancient castle resided in by King Kasyapa of the 5th century AD. This stupendous site has the remnants of an upper Sky Palace sited on the flat top of the rock, along with a mid-level terrace that includes the famed Lion Gate and the Mirror Wall as well as the world famous Sigiriya Frescoes. It also consists of the lower palace that clings to the slopes below the rock, and moats, walls and gardens that range for some hundreds of metres out from the base of the rock. The site is both a palace and fortress. Sufficient artifacts remain to provide the visitor with a stunning insight into the astonishing skill and creativity of its builders.

The upper palace at the rock summit includes cisterns cut into the rock that still preserves water. The moats and walls that surround the lower palace are still intricately beautiful.