Iconic Sites

Central Highlands of Sri Lanka

The newest acknowledged World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka, the Central Highlands was added to the list in 2010 and qualified because of its biodiversity. This natural miracle consists of the Peak Wilderness Protected Area, the Horton Plains National Park and the Knuckles Conservation Forest.

The region is a nature enthusiast’s haven, with an assortment of flora and fauna that contributes widely towards research and documentation purposes. It is also an abode for the lover of hiking, as its terrains differ greatly across planes. Hilly and rocky on one stretch, the land then evens out to exhibit vast expanses of foliage and distant waterfalls, meandering rivers and endemic species.


The site combines three protected areas:

·         Peak Wilderness Sanctuary

·         Horton Plains National Park and

·         Knuckles Mountain Range

Each of these areas require stamina as the trek across these landscapes can be physically taxing. Horton Plains alone consists of a 9.5km trek (around 3 hours) where along the way, a visit to the famed, chilling precipice ‘World’s End’ can be made. Extra care must be taken when in this area as its tough gusts of wind should not be underestimated. The view is best enjoyed lying down flat on your stomach, a safe distance from the edge as standing up could easily blow you over down a 4000 ft straight vertical drop.