Charmingly recreated 19th century ambience awaits you in 4 luxurious bedrooms with attached bathrooms – complete with hot/cold showers. Relax in the spacious living room or in the separate lounge with Cable TV and DVD player, and enjoy your meals in style in the grand dining room. The large, beautifully laid out garden offers magnificent views too. Let the beauty of the surrounds tempt you to explore. Learn all about tea – pluck your own, perhaps. Follow the trails that wind around the plantations – on foot, or mountain bike. Discover the locality – the people, their culture and traditions. The wonders of nature offer plenty, too. Choose from our standard ‘experiences’ or talk to our resident Naturalist to create your own. Dining: Whether you prefer the exotic or the familiar, hearty meals cooked in the traditional ‘colonial’ way are yours to enjoy to the brim. From spicy rice and curry to chargrilled steaks, delicious desserts to garden fresh fruit – the menu offers some tempting choices.

Mountain Biking: Try out some awesome rides off the beaten track with amazing scenery to inspire you to peddle on. Two routes are marked from each bungalow: Trail 1 - 5km to 10km (Easy) Trail 2 - 10km to 30km (Challenging). Take them on your own or with our Naturalist guide. Trekking: Whether you are an experienced hiker or just want a quiet walk exploring the scenery, we have some perfect trails for you. Two standard routes are planned and marked out from each bungalow: Trail 1 - 2km to 5km (Easy) Trail 2 - 5km to 12km (Challenging) Our Naturalist guide can accompany you if you wish, or you can set off on your own too.

White-water Rafting:
Thrills and spills await you! Ride the rapids of Kitulgala River and watch the forest and villages go by as you paddle the calm stretches. We provide transport, guide, entrance tickets and refreshments to get your energy back after all that action.

Bike & Train Trail:
Two adventures, one unforgettable ride. Ride over the mountains, and ride back by train. Our Naturalist guide will be with you throughout the trail.

Option 1: Hatton – Watawala by train back to bungalow by bike. Train starts 07.00am, train journey approx. 30 minutes.
Option 2: Hatton – Thalawakele by train back to bungalow by bike. Train starts 07.00am, train journey approx. 40 minutes. We provide transport, train tickets and snack.
Plantation Life – Bungalow to bungalow: Discover your surroundings and our plantation bungalows. Walk with our Naturalist guide from one bungalow to another for lunch and on to the other for high tea. Our vehicle will bring you safely back in time for a well-earned dinner. All about Tea: There is no better way to learn the true art of tea than a tea experience tour. Our expert guide will take you around the plantation, the factory and you can even pluck your own two leaves and bud if you wish to.

Take some longer journeys to explore the wonderful diversity of Sri Lanka’s ‘Up Country’. Choose from our standard excursions to Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Adam’s Peak and Horton Plains or talk to us about creating your own...