Welcome to a charming and opulent abode positioned in the south western coastal town of Wadduwa, Sri Lanka. Haridra is a brand new all-suites resort overlooking the serene waters of the Indian Ocean and is the ultimate getaway for the astute traveller who looks for a luxurious and relaxing world away from the racket of daily life.

Drive through the distinctive entrance into Haridra’s immaculately landscaped the gardens onto the exclusive car porch and walk up to the main building where our friendly and courteous staff welcomes you to the wonderful experience that is Haridra with open arms. Soak up the views of the beautiful garden and the large infinity pool as you leisurely meander to the main building. Check in to the room of your choice; split level suite overlooking the pool, the garden or the ocean or a suite with its own private plunge pool and delve in to a luxurious and relaxing vacation not to be forgotten. .

The Haridra Resort & Spa is positioned on the west coast of Sri Lanka. Just over 34 kilometers from the capital city of Colombo, the resort and spa is a few minutes from the town of Wadduwa. Nestled by the ocean on a spacious beachfront property, you are assured of turquoise waters and burning sunsets. .

Take A2 Main Road from Colombo and turn towards the beach as you pass the Molligoda junction. Travel towards the beach and the entrance to the resort is facing the Parallel Road, 400 meters away from the Galle Road. The unmistakable uniquely designed timber gate entrance lets you in to the Luxurious Haridra Resort. .

Enjoy the beach while at the Haridra or explore the west coast of Sri Lanka. Flora and Fauna are within easy access of the resort. Beautiful beaches, nightlife and shopping malls will offer you an unforgettable experience. .