Forest Rock Garden boutique Hotel is Sri Lanka’s newest icon and truly a supreme masterpiece by Mr. Baladurage Chandrasiri, the creator of this sprawling 21st century’s state of the art Kingdom situated in north central province of Sri Lanka. Our Luxury 4 Star hotel is an artist’s haven and an amazing place to relax and rejuvenate.

It is tranquil, peaceful, perfectly bedecked, spacious, and full of included amenities with an astonishing accommodation serviced by super friendly employees assuring our guests the feel and touch of the extraordinary era of Sri Lanka with a proud history that goes beyond 2600 years in time.

The Anuradhapura Kingdom was the first established kingdom in ancient Sri Lanka. Founded by King Pandukabhaya in 377 BC, the king of Anuradhapura was honoured as the supreme ruler of the country throughout the Anuradhapura period. Buddhism played a pivotal role in the Anuradhapura period. Society and culture were transformed when the faith was introduced during the reign of Devanampiya Tissa. This cultural change was further strengthened by the arrival of the Tooth Relic of the Buddha in Sri Lanka and the patronage extended by her rulers.

Forest Rock Garden hotel is the living masterpiece that gives its guests the once in a lifetime experience to go back into the golden days of the Anuradhapura Kingdom in the 21st century with utmost luxury and a great sense of royalty, serenity and peace.

Forest Rock Garden in one of, if not the most beautiful setting on soil of Sri Lanka that gives you an extraordinary experience exceeding your expectations.