Bombay Velvet

Based on GyanPrakash's book 'Mumbai Fables', Bombay Velvet is a crime drama film both directed and co-produced by AnuragKashyap. The movie back-pedals in time to the Bombay of the 1960's a world very different to the Bombay known now, and unfolds the story of Johnny Balraj, a boxer played by Bollywood star RanbirKapoor. His co-stars in key roles include Anushka Sharma, Karan Johar and RaveenaTandon. The movie is documented to be Kashyap's most costly to date.

The question of WHERE the movie could be filmed rose up frequently, but the crew was faced with the challenge of depicting a story based in a city... without the city.Which is when they decided to do it on a set.Producer VikramadityaMotwane said 'We were looking for a place where we could actually build this huge, massive set, but we couldn't find any place in India that'd let us build a set AND the streets and everything and all these hotels... '

As it turns out, VivekAbharwal a member of the crew came up with the idea of visiting Sri Lanka to first have a look and gauge the possibility of building the set there. Through the locations team, an extensive search on locations in Sri Lanka was conducted. However as with all challenging projects, nobody had taken them very seriously. They struck gold when they were presented with an option in the form of a land that was to be utilized for a studio. Collaborating with the Government of Sri Lanka, together they built it up from scratch.

The help of a lot of locals was enlisted on the project such as a local art director from Colombo. Production Designer SonalSawant who is praised for her meticulous detail and strive for perfection pointed out the challenges they faced executing this task in Sri Lanka despite having a hard-working team. Language barrier was a primary issue as the labourers do not speak fluent English and the crew did not speak Sinhalese. The entire process of building the set from leveling out the bare, lumpy land to detailing the buildings and streets, took 10 months over 9 acres of land in Tissamaharama Sri Lanka.

Upon arrival to the set once completed, Anushka Sharma who plays the part of Rosie stated the sheer expanse of the set blew her mind as she had not worked on such a large scale prior to the movie, and felt like she had entered Universal Studios. She went on to describe the Bombay Velvet club as 'majestic' and upon viewing the aerial shots of the set called it 'spectacular'.

Bombay Velvet was scheduled for release on November 28th, 2014 however got pushed back due to post-production issues. The movie's new release date is scheduled for the 15th of May 2015.

Making of the set in Sri Lanka


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